Caroline Delmotte

“Etoiles noires” at the Élysées-Mermoz Hotel, from 09/25/2009 to 11/12/2009

“The « Étoiles noires » series was born from a request by Olivier Breuil, from the Elysées-Mermoz Hotel, who houses it today. The purpose was to find three images for a room in the hotel. It was a chance for me to dive back into my archives where I found, besides the three requested images, a whole set of pictures which helped me constitute this series.

It is therefore composed of several layers, some of them quite old and others very recent. Different places, different moments meet, as they do in our memories, and group to become as one unique image, one unique instant.
Each moment is followed by the next, and a silhouette flows through them all, dark stars that link them to one another and form a greater picture, a story, a series, a pursuit.

Who’s pursuing whom? What?
Questions among many others, probably…
Everyone is free to interpret them.
I wish my images would offer a piece of freedom.”