Exhibition « Entre chien et loup (*) » by Charlotte Puertas, from 12/01/2012 to 14/02/2012.

The expression « between dog and wolf » (« Entre chien et loup » *) appeared in French in the 13th century but its origins are much older. Indeed, a text from the 2nd century includes the phrase « when a man cannot distinguish a dog from a wolf “. “Between dog and wolf” designates the evening or the morning, the times of the day when it is too dark to tell the difference between a dog and a wolf. The dog symbolizes the day since, with the light it can guide us, while the wolf is the symbol of the night, representing a threat, but also nightmares and fear.

Animation, video, drawing with biro or felt pens, watercolors, gouache, acrylic, pastels are the various techniques I use and which mix to create drawings, intimate visions of the world or hybrid artworks which endlessly bring us back to what is most pure but also most tormented in our existence. Here, men are covered with petals and seem to carry a burden, there, two hands intertwine… Elsewhere, the beautiful Pandora opens her famous box from which escape colourful and whirling aches… What is the colour of hope hidden at the very bottom of the box? Vegetation invades, spills out, spreads and gathers until it sometimes reaches beyond the frame… and the petals become almost one with the bodies which are fragmented, veiled and walking backwards…

(*) French expression meaning « between dog and wolf »

Charlotte Puertas

« In the dome of an extended vacuum inside, there is an extreme acceleration, an acceleration of images passages, ideas passages, desires passages, pulses passages. These passages chop us up. These passages lead us, we are unhappy and fed up with these passages. We are drunk and drowsy sometimes of these passages. We are often scratched, agitated by these passages. Agitated, agitated, agitated.  »

Henri Michaux – « Infinite Turbulence ».