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Hotel affiliation charter


Art Ensuite is a private initiative originated by the Elysées Mermoz Hotel (Paris) dedicated to French and international young contemporary creation.
It aims at providing privileged exhibition spaces in luxury hotels to emerging artists, in order to help them make a name for themselves and meet with the public.
The goal is to encourage sponsor hotels to buy artwork and set-up artist residencies within their establishments on a regular basis.
The following charter lists the affiliation rules and conditions with Art Ensuite for both artists and hoteliers.

1- Definitions
“Emerging contemporary artists” are defined as artists fully engaged in an original plastic research who have not set up any major personal exhibitions yet. There is no age limit.
Hotels likely to become affiliated to Art Ensuite should be defined as luxury hotels that closely associate young contemporary creations to their activity by putting forward in their establishments the artists and their work by various means (showcases artwork, expositions, communication on their website and blogs, etc.) Art should truly be a part of the hotel’s identity.

2- Conditions of affiliation and commitments towards Art Ensuite
Hotel applications will be reviewed by Olivier Breuil, creator of Art Ensuite and manager of the Elysées Mermoz Hotel in Paris.
Selection criteria are:
- luxury hotels, corresponding to French 4-star hotel standards or more,
- hotels whose identity is closely linked to art and whose management manifests interest for young contemporary creation,
- creation of a space dedicated to exhibitions within the hotel,
- the quality and originality of the way the works are displayed by the hotel.

The hotels willing to join Art Ensuite commit to :
- setting up exhibitions on their premises at least three times a year,
- renounce to any commission on the sales made during those exhibitions,
- supporting the work of each artist displayed in the hotel by buying at least one of the artist’s pieces of work,
- offering the artist residency* at least once,
- helping promote the artists and their work on the blog Art Ensuite (articles, pictures, videos…). The blog Art Ensuite reserves the right to put the given works up into the virtual art library or not,
- promoting and encouraging the free movement of its private collection in the hotels affiliated to Art Ensuite.

The choice of artists shall be made at the discretion of the hotel, according to the philosophy of the Art Ensuite project. All affiliated hotels also commit to verifying that the artists selected:
- are fully engaged in an original and contemporary plastic research,
- are in the early stage of their career, did not previously organize any major personal exhibition, with no age limit,
- agree that their work should be shown in the virtual art library, accept to be interviewed for the blog Art Ensuite and be followed during their future career. Olivier Breuil reserves the right to include the artist in the blog Art Ensuite.

* “residency” : providing free accommodation in the hotel to an artist for him or her to work on a project in direct or indirect relation to the hotel and its environment. The length of residency is decided by the hotel but should be for a minimum of three nights.

3- Promotion and communication
The Elysées Mermoz Hotels takes care of all expenses regarding the development and promotion of Art Ensuite on the Internet, aimed at an international clientele interested in art events. Its action notably consists in :
- creating and animating the Art Ensuite blog in French and in English,
- launching a private virtual art library online to group the collections of all affiliated hotels,
- developing the visibility and reputation of the artists and the hotels affiliated to Art Ensuite by all means, notably thanks to institutional and private partnerships, and link exchange,
- promoting Art Ensuite to French and international tour operators,
- sending on a regular basis newsletters regarding young contemporary creations to the hotels, their customers and the artists to keep them updated.
- creating and animating the Facebook page and Twitter account of Art Ensuite,
- proposing the affiliated hotels and artists actions aimed at promoting their activity among the public.

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