Cristal Room

 A Fairytale Event at the Cristal Room Baccarat Restaurant.

‘This evening you will be my Princess’ he said confirming our rendezvous for a 17th Century style dining experience in the private mansion of Marie-Laure de Noailles, famous in her day. I cross the elegant Baccarat reception rooms and head for the first floor. Behold! I find the magnificent Cristal Room Baccarat restaurant. Dressed in my little black number, my Prince greets me in this stylishly decorated room of exposed bricks, wood panelling and gilded artifacts illuminated by sumptuous crystal chandeliers (Baccarat of course). In his eyes I feel unique. The dishes glide by like top models or super stars and French excellence reigns over this opulent dinner, just as Madame de Noailles did in her elegant time.

The Michelin-starred chef, Guy Martin alongside Albert Manac’h have created a menu that is a festival for the taste buds.

On the dishes fit for a Princess: Duck Foie Gras poached in red wine, St Jacques scallops à la plancha and Passionately Chocolate Tart.

A lingering kiss under the portico convinces me that my Prince is most definitely charming……

 Philippe Starck is absolutely right “the Cristal Room is a palace where anything and everything is possible, » even travelling through time.



Guy Martin


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Cristal Room Baccarat Restaurant

11 Place des Etats-Unis – 75116 Paris

M° Boissière : Line 6

Tél. : 01 40 22 11 10

Lunch Menu: Starter – Main Course or Main Course-Dessert € 36

Photos : ©cristalroom