Carpe Webem Visits the Musée en Herbe

A promise is a promise… As announced, the Elysées Mermoz blog presents, for the first time, its favorite exhibition from the blog Carpe Webem. After we met Guillaume Ansanay-Alex, Carpe Webem’s author, for an exclusive interview, we went wild over the retrospective dedicated to Keith Haring, at the Musée en Herbe in Paris. Don’t wait to see it!

Discover the Musée en Herbe and Keith Haring’s Hieroglyphs

Today, we’re going to discover the Musée en Herbe (“Blossom Museum”), a dynamic association which suggests exhibitions and an art introduction specially dedicated to children, but also welcoming adults through a range of new events.

For more than 30 years, the Musée en Herbe has been organising exhibitions where children can discover the works of an artist in a fun and creative way. The association recreates an exhibition with a scenography, works of art (mostly reproductions to avoid either disaster or children frustration in front of overprotected works), activities and related contents that include games and workshops, all designed for children. In my opinion, the Musée en Herbe team does a great job: presenting the works of an artist to children is one of the most challenging kinds of mediation, because there is a permanent risk of falling into practical work that would have nothing to do with art, or into lectures which would quickly lose the attention of younger audiences. But the Musée en Herbe has managed to find a perfect balance: the relevant contents in the exhibition, workshops, books and scavenger hunts are perfectly adapted to children of all ages. It is therefore no surprise to learn that it works very well, and that many young visitors enjoy exhibits during school visits or with their parents. Teachers and parents alike, don’t hesitate to take your little ones, they won’t be disappointed!

And you won’t be either; you might even learn something. The Musée en Herbe, for the first time ever, has acquired not only reproductions but also many original works to display at the exhibition Keith Haring’s Hieroglyphs, which runs until March 1st, 2012. The association has taken this opportunity to create new events with adults in mind, even those not accompanied by children! On Thursday evening, for instance, you can try the Tchin Keith and enjoy a guided tour of the exhibition as well as a surprise cocktail, like I did! Take my word for it: the deep work of analysis and adaptation of an artist’s production for children may well surprise and refresh adults’ saturated eyes!

Many thanks to Claire and her colleagues from the Musée en Herbe for their welcome and for the private visit!

Exhibition «Les hiéroglyphes de Keith Haring», until March 1st , 2012.

Le Musée en Herbe
21, rue Hérold
75001 Paris