Djeziri-Bonn Gallery

Abstract Art at the Djezeri-Bonn Art Gallery.

Opened 6 months ago in the heart of the Marais district, the Djezeri-Bonn Art Gallery is already making its mark on the art scene of Paris.  The owner, Stephanie Djeziri-Bonn has shown her personal touch in the selection of artwork on display from the reputed Eric Linard Editions while not losing sight of her passion, the discovery of new talent.  Artistic affinity and astute choices have created a perfect fit for the development of this link between abstract and post 60’s art with the printing world.

Passionate about travel, a veritable globe trotter and abstract art collector, Stephanie Djerizi-Bonn abandoned her career in TV production to devote all her energies to her new role as a gallery art collector. Every two months, 40 or so artists from the Linard collection alongside the gallery’s portfolio of talent decoratively adorn the walls of this spacious gallery.

Photographs, paintings and high quality prints can be found on the first floor including Yves Zurstrassen’s digital art prints (known as digigraphies) which demonstrate the subtle effects of the use of different materials. The photographer, Sophie Hatier, has just taken down her “Contemplations Suspendues” representing the promise of a cloud in a desert and this week the great lady herself, Marie-Claude Bugeaud, some of whose original works are on display for the very first time. According to Stéphanie, “Marie-Claude’s work is delicate yet solid, cocooned and ethereal at the same time”. Stéphanie particularly admires the painting “La Nuit avec Diego”, a homage to Diego Vélasquez and a new take on how the 17th century is inspirational in abstract art.

 7th February – 13th April 2013: Marie-Claude Bugeaud and ‘Le Corps Rythmé de la Peinture.’

Next Exhibition: Photographs by Julien Lombardi.

Take the time to read the article in the Art Ensuite blog on Jérôme Boutterin who exhibited at the Hôtel Elysées Mermoz in 2011 and is now represented by the Djezeri-Bonn Gallery!



Djezeri-Bonn Art Gallery

The photographer : Sophie Hatier

Marie-Claude Bugeaud

Djezeri-Bonn Gallery

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