Our philosophy

Welcome to Art Ensuite, the blog of the Elysées Mermoz Hotel dedicated to emerging contemporary artists and hoteliers supporting them!

The Elysées Mermoz is the sponsor hotel wishing to convince hotels just like it to do likewise. Supporting young contemporary creation is a meaningful commitment to Olivier Breuil, manager of the hotel. At 41, he has close ties to contemporary art by definition. By taking over the family hotel management in 2003, he had the wish to provide young artists with a privileged exhibition area within the private location of his hotel settled in Paris, a stone’s throw from the Champs Elysées. As a painter himself, he knows how valuable this alternative is to exhibitions in galleries and museums where the “status of artist” is a must. Entirely renovated, the Elysées Mermoz has been displaying young artists since 2009, drawn by the desire to help them enter the network of art galleries and centers.

Along the exhibitions, one purchase after the other, Olivier Breuil is improving the hotel collection. He designed a virtual art library project to group this collection on the Internet and introduce it to customers and hoteliers with a passion for contemporary art. And then Art Ensuite was born, aimed at providing privileged exhibition spaces in luxury hotels to emerging artists in order to help them make a name for themselves and meet with the public. By the way, Olivier hopes to promote the development of sponsoring in favour of young creative artists among the French and international hotel business.

So why “Art Ensuite”? Art Ensuite, private initiative of the Elysées Mermoz Hotel, is a support and sponsoring project for emerging contemporary artists supported by a network of luxury hotels. “Ensuite” is a reference to the quiet atmosphere of the suites, the dream and travel hotel business. Ensuite, as in “afterwards”, states the commitment of affiliated hotels to support the artists they display in their future career.