Olivier Filippi

« Olivier Filippi – Drawings and paintings »
at the Élysées-Mermoz Hotel, from 07/10/2010 to 30/11/2010

« You could say the process behind the series of drawings is the reverse of the process behind the paintings. The size of the drawings is always small, and the point is not to dwell too long upon a specific form.

The point is: improvisation. It happens quickly and with a dose of blindness on my part.
The initial data condition, in part, the final aspect of each series: the choice of paper, the choice of colours and the kind of marker pens, the number of colours and the number of times any given colour will be used and for which lines… All this is resonating with a sort of game of redistribution of surfaces.
Usually, I place several sheets of paper on the table, either with no specific order or sometimes following a pattern which is more or less pre-established. Then I draw on this set of sheets. The lines, hence, sort of follow themselves up from one sheet to the next, and I very rarely spend time reflecting upon what’s happening on a particular sheet. Then I change the layout of the sheets on the table (most often but not always), I draw again, and so on and so on… It can last quite a while. As I go along, I withdraw the sheets I think are “finished” from the set.
When there’s nothing left on the table, I have a series of drawings. »

Olivier Filippi, September 2010