Exhibition from October 25th until December 9th 2012.

I am particularly interested by the phenomenon of the megalopolises. Indeed their topographies, like « open data », are evolving continually. The « planetary village » seems to be emerging, based on new balances which appear however to be fragile.

As a painter, a part of my work consists in abstract monumental interventions

which I carry out by painting directly on the walls and to which I add now and then tape extensions.

During their realization I specially pay attention to the perception I have of the places. Becoming the support of my geometric paintings, the premises consequently turn out different. One experiences another understanding of the space. An architectural transformation consequently takes place, in the same way as cities undergo significant changes.

At the Hotel Elysées-Mermoz, I will create a mural installation, consisting in a central printed drawing on canvas and its extensions. It refers to a no longer circumscribed world and which is somehow overflowing.

In addition, pieces made on Plexiglas, a typical urban synthetic material, will be  located in the hall. My graphic vocabulary remains abstract. The patterns I create are realized by computer, because of the  specificity of the process . The universes which are created by this means are entering in dialogue with each other, similar and yet different, as cities are. The round form of the material is a hint to nowadays statistics. The « open data » are leading to new approaches.

Exhibition from 25 october to 9 december 2012

Opening 25 october at 7 pm

Hôtel Elysées Mermoz

30 rue Jean Mermoz

75008 Paris

Others pictures by Partick Chapuis.