J-M Thommen/2

The Jean- Marc Thommen’s Migrations

After his exhibition at the Elysées Mermoz hotel, Jean-Marc Thommen took part in the Contemporary Art Fair in Seoul, South Korea, during summer 2010 (SINAF 2010). This edition was filled with a dozen of color reproductions of his works, together with a personal note serving as an introduction, as seen below.

Works on paper
Paper offers possibilities that canvas does not provide to me: its supple, smooth and absorbing surface enables measured and controlled gestures. It is the place for spare actions, combining the simultaneous use of the paintbrush and the pencil on one of the thinnest surface at the disposal of the painter. As soon as stained, the original sheet mutes into an opaque or modulated « colour volume ». Lines, marks and brush strokes are drawn there.
These are quick drawings, produced by an exhalation rather than an idea.
Reproduced for this booklet the most recent of them propose a discovery of their differences to the viewer: some are dense, others uncluttered. They share a unique vocation of « being present ». Gilles Deleuze said that before painting « the painter does not have to fill a white surface, but rather to empty, free, clear. » (« The Logic of sensation ») I recognize this preliminary trial prior to each new drawing.
On paper, the addition of the paintbrush and pencil also subtract themselves to the world of images.

JMT (June 2010)

A few months later, a private Parisian corporation (SGFGAS Paris) placed an order for 4 large size paintings of his own for their offices. This was, for the artist, the opportunity to come back to sizes that he hadn’t used for several months.

2011: the year of European exhibitions

In January 2011, Jean-Marc Thommen attended the 25th anniversary of an art center in German Switzerland (Vebikus Forum in Schaffhausen). Participants needed to create any kind of item but only small ones. Thus, he imagined a red cylinder, put into two wooden elements: the « Paris/Schaffhausen ». Manually unwinded, this item works like a colored paper reel, 9 meters and 66 centimeters long. This is 1/50th of the kilometers that keeps Schaffhausen city away from the artist’s Parisian address. The set is particularly made of paper off cuts, taken from recent drawings of the painter.

Finally, last fall, he exhibited in Germany in the brand new Uhn Gallery (Koenigstein), near Frankfurt. A dozen of large drawings and two big paintings were shown there. Moreover, this was the first time he had shown his work to this favorite country of his. His works were then moved away to the Kronberg consevatoire of music, where, for the record, a series of Soo Kyoung’s paintings were also exhibited. Let’s remind that she notably held an exhibition in the Elysées Mermoz. To discover currently, until November, 27th 2011.

« Paintings of an exhibition » Kronberg Academy ( Germany ) October 2011.

« View of the Atelier » April 2011

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