« En long, en large, en travers… et surtout en travers » by Elodie Boutry from October, 18th 2011 to January, 1st 2012.

When it comes to working on a whole room, Elodie Boutry has her own vision. She literally owns vertical heights and occupies them without completely filling them. The play of colors cleverly modifies our bearings. Both notions of internal and outer lose their immanence to become ephemeral spaces or even to be deprived of their identity. Only remains the meshing of lines with fugitive perspectives and the colorful circles which modifies our relation to space. Sometimes, the artist would rather own the emptiness of rooms just adding some 3D constructions to them. Elodie Boutry “steals”, invades places to wake them up, shake them, bring them out of their torpor. The tour de force lies in the fact that the public follows her in all her geometric strolling, her game spaces and these blurred visions.

Sabrina Prez