Jêrome Boutterin

Jerome Boutterin: Master of Systematic Spontaneity

For his first exhibition to be held in a hotel, the French painter Jerome Boutterin has opted for Elysees Mermoz, following the recommendations of his dear friend Soo Kyoung Lee, who herself staged an exhibition at the hotel in 2009! Master of “Systematic Spontaneity” as he likes to define his works, Jerome Boutterin shows an avid passion for colour, which he works and reworks continually. He seeks to merge together on his canvas brush marks, scratches, arabesques and lines, thus giving his paintings an abstract feel to them. He said there is always something substantial that immediately stands out in his paintings, glimpses of a body that serves as a focal point amidst all the chaos, helping him to stabilise and to make sense of the chaotic scheme. To do this, the artist has adopted a relaxed yet steady brushwork, the very subtle art of balancing between movement and restraint. Interested in the ambiguity of paintings, he normally works with one colour at a time, moving from the lightest to the darkest shade (saturated and desaturated) of the colour. Jerome Boutterin ironically and paradoxically titled his exhibition « Si j’avais un inconscient, je le saurais (If I had an unconscious mind, I would know) », at which he will show with a film / slide show another side of his work in the form of drawings. So will those drawings be early sketches for future works or rather be something about his existing works? The slide show will be projected in the function room on the ground floor of the hotel. Elusive, Jerome Boutterin will then move his exhibition site to the Beaux Arts de Valence starting from October 18, 2011. An exhibition not to be missed!

Photo credit : Rosa-Victoire Boutterin

BC 09
2008, huile sur toile, 162 cm x 130 cm
Jérôme Boutterin

RO 03
2008, huile sur toile, 162 cm x 130,
Jérôme Boutterin

VF 04
2007, huile sur toile, 162 cm X 130 cm,
Jérôme Boutterin

Invitation Jerome Boutterin pdf

The exhibition « Si j’avais un inconscient, je le saurais » of Jérôme Boutterin,
Hotel Elysées Mermoz
from 13 September to 14 October 2011.

For more informations or purchases: jeromeboutterin@free.fr